Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crunch Time

I want to start this note by saying a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who showed up to the movie screening on Saturday. It's a truly amazing feeling to have your friends come see and support what you're doing. I felt the warmth and love of the people in my life in a way new and amazing way. It's surprising and inspiring to see twenty-somethings get together to give not only spiritual and emotional, but financial support to a peer.

We raised about $180.. for a fundraiser of fewer than twenty young people, that's not too shabby. It's not about the money--It was such a blessing to have people partner with me. Here are my shout outs to the people who made this event possible: Alysondra, Haley, Toni , Amber, my loving mother June, Natalie, Ian (the sound guy), and of course Jesus C. (deity).

Today is sort of a nervous day for me because I find out if I got into the MDS pharmaceutical study or not. This is pivotal, because I could earn up to $3,000 toward Japan.. if not, I'll have to do a lot more fundraising. I know God will provide the money. At the same time, in my book, money earned is better than money requisitioned.

However, I am honored to have the partnership of my friends and loved ones on this adventure into the unknown. Allowing others to give includes them in the entire process, and this is just as important as having the funds. This is something I have even been challenged by in my uncle's movie, Jitensha (Bicycle).

In Bicycle, Mamoru encounters an old man at the beach that helps him discover his last lost bike part. In passing, the old man (sporting a yellow poncho, a long, gray beard, and a metal detector--I dream to look that classy someday, but I guess to be Japanese you've got to be born Japanese...), admonishes Mamoru that "sometimes you have to rely on others to find what you're looking for."

It's true for me as well. In this instance, I have to rely on others to accomplish these big goals. I don't have to do everything myself. At the same time, personally, I feel it is necessary to earn everything. But I simply can't, and shouldn't have to.

I am reminded again about how simply inspiring I find this movie to be. Having watched it 7 or 8 times now, I am drawn to how it speaks to me over and over. He's closed up, inside his shell ... this is the world you live in ... sometimes you must rely on others ... your handwriting sucks. All these things and more I find context for in my own life. As much as I am hoping to minister to others, I have already been ministered to in greater abundance.

In less than 2 hours I'll find out about the medical study. If that's not the ticket (I've never succeeded in getting into one), then I know God will make another way. I guess it's a lesson in trust waiting to happen.

Stay tuned.