Friday, October 29, 2010

Postage Paid

If you're tuning in to this today (or any other day) it is probably because I sent support letters this week. First of all, THANK YOU for reading. A double huge thanks to anyone who clips out my picture and sticks it on their fridge.

It was a gigantic relief to finally see the letters go this week. They had been weighing on me, and I just wanted them to be perfect. I spent so much time meticulously fine-tuning them down to the tiniest detail--I wanted to show an excellent portrait of my vision. If I hadn't put my heart into them, I would be selling myself, and ultimately everyone, short. Having done that, there is a certain point at which you have to let things go, let things be themselves, and wash your hands of it. I had reached that point, and, now that I've contacted you, I hope you can capture my vision for this project.

Japan is still two and a half months away, and though that seems far off, time is short. I know the holiday season is difficult, but I am hoping to raise the $5,000-$7,000 that I'll need by 2011. This would be another giant relief, and a huge answer to prayer.

On my end, I've also been working with my brother, Mark, to learn video filming and editing. I made a trip to Omaha last week and filmed some footage with Omaha Video Solutions, and, under Mark's guidance recorded some of the material that appeared in the final video here.

Mark is so talented--it's awesome and awkward to be having my younger brother wow me with his knowledge. We always joked about how Mark would be a millionaire when I was growing up. But we were always secretly serious. And now I see why. So much love, bro!

My weekly update is concluded, so I would just like to emphasize an enormous THANK YOU to everyone who read their letters this week. I'm excited to see you all subscribe.

Peace, love, and Happy Halloween.


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