Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bicycle Cop, Sensei, Bar Brawl (One of these is only to get your attention)


Tonight I had my first language class. And it went... awkwardly. The administrator sensei (that just means teacher) was explaining everything to me, literally reading my language packet to me, word for word (even though it was in English). As he asked me questions about what Japanese I knew already, I watched him marking off categories of learning with his pencil... Kanji? no...*circle*... Spoken?  no.. *circle* *scribble* *circle*.. If he was a government agent trying to figure out if I was a spy, he'd be sleeping soundly tonight.

The class only meets 3 times a month, on Tuesdays. That gives me a total of eight sessions counting tonight. My sensei seemed perplexed and baffled that I would attend class to learn Japanese for only two and a half months. We reached an arrangement where I get photocopies of the textbook, and I don't have a permanent tutor.. since it takes two months to find a volunteer and there are already three people on the waiting list.. So I just get a tutor if someone doesn't show up. I'm the runt of the litter. At least I can do my homework (as if I'm excited about it or something)..... ..(Yes, I am excited about it).

Afterward, I went to the store with my neighbor and classmate, Damon. When we came out, a policeman was looking at my bicycle. It didn't have a lock on it. I showed him the lock I just bought in the store, and he laughed and kept inspecting. My friend explained that every bicycle in Tokyo is registered and has a built in lock, so if it doesn't have one they assume it's stolen. I felt a lump in my throat. I grasped for my phone for safety like Frodo grasped at the ring in his pocket... would I have to call Paul to explain that I didn't steal the bike?

Nope. I didn't. I know. There was a lot of suspense there for a second. Damon explained the situation stammeringly, and the policeman smiled, radioed on his talkie, and moved on. Good job, Damon. A year and a half of Japanese has served you well. A week and a half of Japanese has served me... not at all.

I guess I'd better get to work.

Michael Out. (Dewa Mata.)

PS. For a (free) VIDEO TOUR of my apartment, go HERE.

PPS. I had sushi for lunch again today.. I just thought I should remind you all how often I eat sushi. Literally, it is like Japanese fast food.. except.. it's amazing. Muahhahahah. You're welcome.

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