Monday, December 6, 2010

Early December Update...

Hello friends,

As I sit on my sofa with a cold watching old episodes of the office I am drawn my thoughts on Japan, and I feel an update is in order.

I know this is reminiscent of my last post, but, as my mind drifts back to it from time to time, I STILL find myself inspired by Bicycle. Part of this is because fund raising isn't exactly going as planned. Being a first timer, I am overcoming a large amount of challenges all at once. Contacting people, being tactful, planning events that are FUN. My friend group is mostly those who just graduated from or are still in college, it's not an easy fit for them to give monetarily (as it never is for me, either). It's taking some out of the box thinking. All in all, I've probably raised around $1000... five more to go... I feel like I'm chasing little bicycle parts all over town. But this is the world in which I live.

On the plus side, I've got a super-fun Christmas Party/fundraiser coming up on Dec. 17. It should be a big shindig, with live music and a raffle.. I'm hoping that will bring in $500. Every little bit counts.. And it will be fun. Which is the whole point. And yes, I love ugly sweaters.

So, the biggest thing I need at this point is just for people to stay tuned.. and show up to my Christmas party. The fact that you're connected with me right now means the world. If you're interested in seeing Bicycle, there will be a few more showings coming up this month, and I'll be sending out invitations soon. In the meantime, much love muchachos..



  1. You are a good writer Michael. If God wants you in Japan, He can make it happen! And I believe he does want you here. I do.